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Welcome to Silver Petal Interiors. I am proud to be an Indian by origin. I feel the same vibrant and welcoming nature in the Golden State of California. I aim to serve the best to all my clients and be one of the most renowned interior design companies in California.

I offer interior design services that are modern classical and contemporary unique shapes that inculcate style of today. Be it Commercial Interior Design or Home Interior Design services, the most fun part is that I believe it's an opportunity for me to discover new fabrics/objects, mix them together in a project and get the most amazing and wonderful results.


Transform your house into your home.


Innovation for the modern world.


Explore your options with help along the way.



My passion is to help take the vision within your mind and bring it to life right in front of your eyes. I think that when our thoughts come out as a well-designed reality, it brings positive energies to people.

I feel the beauty with which we are surrounded makes us adapt to it, and I guess that’s how we develop the ability to adapt to different kinds of people. We learn to respect and enjoy every festive of every community.

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