elcome to Silver Petal Interior. Here is a little bit about me… I am proud to be an Indian by origin. I feel the same vibrant and welcoming nature in the Golden State of California. As we grow, we adapt to different cultures and communities, and I guess that’s how we develop the ability to adapt to different kinds of people. We learn to respect and enjoy every festive of every community.

I’m proud to have grown up to be tolerant and positive in every given situation,

I’m proud to have grown up to be tolerant and positive to every given situation, whether it be personal or an outside experience.So, here I am, given the opportunity to play my part in your country as a ‘home designer’. As a start-up business, like every other company has been at one time, I (my company) may not have the upper hand right now; but I can promise you that any resolution other big firms don’t provide,we put in the time to resolve.

I have always received extraordinary feedback from my customers.They have always thanked me for my personal time from start to finish of every project.I believe communication is the key to our success and being the people-person I am, every one of my customers isn’t just left with a lasting impression in their homes, but in their minds, too!

Come explore beyond the horizons with my team and me.With a lot of energy and enthusiasm, we love to create a world around you that fits your budget. We can’t wait to help you design the home you deserve!


Silver Petal Interiors began solely out of passion for the love of decorating homes and the contentment I feelfrom it. This company started as “House to Home” Interiors from India. Coming from one of the World’s oldest and most diverse cultures, its customs and traditions brought different styles of interior designing, as well.

I was able to master the art of expressing key elements of rich color and texture into my style.I am thrilled to come to your country,in the state of California, where creativity takes a whole new level! I would love to blend-in my ideas and designs to create a unique world of contemporary, traditional and modern design elements to your home.


Thank you for taking time out of your day to view my work! As a passionate interior designer, I love creating functional and expressive interior environments. This has truly been a dream come true for me and now I can assist othersin bringing out the confidence within them to go after their own dreams!

Relax and let the creativity flow from within.



With Silver Petal Interiors you can expect your creative imagination to be in full throttle with our chic and contemporary urban-style furniture that offers new look to your home.