Five easy ways to accessorize your living room

Whenever we speak about accessorizing, we immediately try to keep the accessories at a bare minimum. That is perhaps right if you are accessorizing yourself but absolutely wrong if you are trying to add accessories to your home. Your home needs its accessories to add your personal touch while wherever you go, you carry your personality with you. That is why we are going to tell you about the not so subtle art of accessories.

1 Area Rugs

Everybody has a floor. There is nothing more impersonal than a blank floor. Take your first step to personalizing your home with an Area Rug. Pick one that inspires you and one that will add to the ambiance you desire.

2 Pillows

Need to add a splash of color to your living room. Don’t go out there and buy paint. Buy a few throw pillows in different colors. They will not only add color but add a bit of personality to your furniture. After all, you picked them up right?

3 Your favorites

There is nothing duller than an empty table. Add a little personality to your rooms by displaying a few of your favorite collections on the coffee table. Maybe a small plant you like on the dining table, or a book you love on the coffee table are the safest choices you can build on. But remember not overdo it and make it look cluttered.

4 Wall Art

There is nothing drearier than a blank wall if you can’t put any other accessories around it. Well then, you have to dress up the wall itself. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular, you can add your photos with a nice frame or get an art print you like and that will do the trick.

5 Other Accessories

Sometimes we just need to repurpose the accessories. There are no rules behind it really. You can bring a bright and vibrant garden stool to your living room and add its matte colors or pick a garden ornament and make it a standalone piece for your living area. The options are truly endless.

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