Decor Tips To Avoid Before Sell Your Home: Top Interior Design Ideas

We have always shared home styling tips, but today we are going to suggest some decorating tips for selling your home. I am sure, while we curate our homes, some things are just timeless that maybe your rug or special corners of the house, but when it comes to selling your home, whims can boomerang.

Recently I met with a seller who just randomly asked what he needs to do to make his house appealing to the buyers. To which my instant reply was, I am sure it sounds hard, but you need to depersonalize the house to sell it.

Yes! from a buyer’s side, a zero clutter place, warm palettes, soft textures with a neutral yet charming look attracts more!

Read on further as I suggest Top Home Decor Tips to avoid while decorating a house to sell!

decorating for fall season

So the first thing is to stage a house. Home staging includes getting a stylistic layout, furniture re-arrangement, and sprucing up the home to make it look fabulous for pictures or even walkthroughs. This is done to attract buyers and letting them imagine living in it.

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renovate during the fall

Pack up your authentic and most loved collection and roll up the intrigued posters. Basically, put everything away that has even a hint of you! Get your boxes moving and let Buyers see that most of your stuff is gone. However, do not get rid of that unique element of design in your home.

Keep your beautiful wallpaper or a unique painting, it might add good value to your house. Although it is personal, someone might see value in it.

Personal Pictures-

As buyers envision themselves living there once they walk in the house—they somewhat don’t connect with someone else’s pictures in the house. Remove any family photos, anything overly personal in the home!

Consider Re-doing your Accent Walls (one wall in a room that is painted in a different color)-

Instead, go for neutrals –gray/beige (best interior paint color for resale). Neutral will give the illusion of space and also clean and appealing. The majority of people feel comfortable in this space. You can always add an accent in the form of colorful pillows, paintings, or your choicest accessory.

fall season decorating ideas

Steer clear of cluttered wardrobe-

Buyers do check closets and storage areas. It can be upsetting for a buyer to step into a visually cluttered house. Box up your kids’ toys and leave them in a storage unit. Also, clean up your grimy bathroom walls and repair leaking taps.

Cut down your furniture (if it is in excess)–

Too much furniture detracts the space around. By removing unnecessary furniture (especially in the living room), you can open up space and make it look larger.


Lighting is quick to highlight a space. The more light, the better- as it adds to a pleasant mood while making things look beautiful. Open up your window panes to let some light in.

Make way for Entrance–

The most important is your home exterior. Remember, if we can’t get people through the door, it’s tough to convince them to make a purchase. Work on your front door and keep it clean and secure.

These are just DIY’s – decor to sell! Decorating the house for sale–

Means to keep your home neat, clean, simple, and clutter-free. Make sure to repair any cabinet hinge or hook issues or wallpaper gliding down. Go ahead, take care of any problems your potential buyer raises, and create a better flow in the house.

If you require customized suggestions for things to avoid while you resell your house, send in your query through the Get Started Now tab or Book an Appointment.

Please leave your experiences below so we can get some more suggestions for you. We would love to hear from you!

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