Elegant interior decoration trends

Throughout the years, many interior design styles have come and gone. The number of trends is boundless, just as the ability to mix and match ideas is. However, there are a couple popular trends that stand out a little more than the rest.

One of the more popular styles is the French Neo-classical. This is influenced by French Baroque and Italian Renaissance styles. Architects strive for geometric volumes, structural honesty, and simplicity.

Structures are block-like with plain facades and minimal orientation. Building scale varies from monumental to elegant and refined. Classical attributes of horizontality, clarity, stability, and repose give feelings of dignity and grandeur.

For those with a very magical taste, there is another design style called Enchanted Woodlands. Just as it sounds, this is a unique and wayward look. Making use of wood or wooden items, horns and antler accessories, along with gnome and fairy creatures to give any space a mystical design.

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