How to add warmth to your living room in 5 easy steps?

How To Add Warmth to Your Living Room in 5 Easy Steps

Living rooms are supposed to be just that, a place to live in. Unfortunately, in most houses, they have transitioned into an in-house area where most families entertain guests. That has made the old fashioned living room loose most of its warmth and has evolved into something colder with more functionality and less personality. That is why we are bringing you 5 easy steps to reclaim your living area and add some warmth to your living space.

Step 1 – Color it right.

Color is one of the most important things in any room and all of us know that. But what most of us forget is that keeping shades and tones right is not only important to walls but fabrics, furniture, and das well. That is why we color our rooms according to their functionality. Use yellow and beige, and add accents of orange, red for highlights.

Step 2 – Lights it well.

A combination of natural and artificial lighting can transform your cool living room into cozy easily. To cut down on the sun’s rays let them pass through windows with blinds or stylishly draped curtains and control the light according to your needs. You can always use scented candles, a beautiful yet functional lamp, or have a fireplace or indoor firepit installed to add that much needed warmth in the evenings.

Step 3 – Flora and Fauna

Flowers and plants add that personal element to your living room. It also literarily adds life to your living space. Add a touch of nature with vibrant flowers and healthy plants in simple pots or ornate vases. They will not only look good but also scent up the environment with flowery fragrances and keep the air breathable.

Step 4 – Wood

What is warmer than wood? It has an earthy ambiance that elicits warmth and keeps your living are looking classily elegant, charming, and will give your room a rustic feel. Replace your metallic stuff with wooden furniture, add a few wooden walls and, transform your ceilings and beams for that functional rustic look. Start by adding a nice coffee table and see how it goes from there.

Step 5 – Furniture

Lose that stiff back chair. Replace it with a plush armchair. The whole idea is to make your living room livable. Look for quality over quantity and, comfort over abundance. Get comfortable couches, add throw pillows and cover your cold floor with rugs.

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