What is the best way to decorate a small bedroom?

Perhaps one of the most problematic looks to ace is our small bedroom. Be it a traditional, classic, or contemporary plan style or a smooth blend of all the worlds; our small bedroom space can undoubtedly take our stress away if we curate and plan the entire look.
This post focuses on the transitional inspiration for the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if you have a small space bedroom; with great textures, wise furniture selection, and few accessories you can execute a stylish, cozy room inside your very own home.

Here are some inspiring tips to try in your small bedroom ideas:

Read out the tips to check the possibilities transitional design can offer.

Neutrals-Done Right

When it comes to bedrooms, we see a major ray of people preferring a subtle tone. When the palette is quiet, the clever use of patterns adds interest without crushing the small space. A faint neutral scene on the wall enhances the entire look without overshadowing the delightful textures of white sheets, linen duvet, or a neutral quilted throw that can make the space so special. Simplicity makes room themes more beautiful. Opting for neutral tones with a contemporary design suffice the entire small bedroom.

Neutrals-Done Right

Innovative Storage Options

Even if one is not prone to simplicity, their bedroom can make spectacular use of unconventional decorative details, like the drawer pulls, storage benches, drop leaf tables, left top tables, that not accentuate the look of the room but also are great storage options for visual clutter in the room. Unique and classic furniture profiles can make the space fresh, but make sure the credit must move to the calming transitional color palette you choose to add charm.

Statement Pieces

While every item is visible in a small room, but if you want the space to be worthy of admiration, then opt for big-sized Chandeliers or big Statement Pieces hanging in the center of the room to prompt special attention gracefully. The undulating curves of the chandelier play into the elegance and drama and make a small space more creative.

Headboard Wall

Another option to make your dull small bedroom more whimsical is by centering it around a dramatic Art Deco headboard wall. Place an intricate and detailed artwork along with two small lamps that capture attention without taking space.

Magnify with Mirrors

It’s a proven fact that using mirrors can create the illusion of a larger bedroom area. One of the best options is to have mirrored headboard walls. You can include a horizontal styled mirror above the headboard level. Such placements can let your room look more spacious and more indulgent.

Color Blocking

This is something which is back in a big way! Color blocking can give any space, be it small or big a persona of its own. Smart color blocking like combinations as chic as blush and chartreuse (green &yellow combination) or yellows and greys, blues and off-white can give the bedroom a linear appeal and not being too overwhelming. Since it’s a small bedroom, do not opt for two tones of dark colors. The overall accentuation must be on to have a sharp, clean, modern, and more intimate room.


Since it’s a small bedroom – show a softer side. A cushioned fabric wall, with little suede – looks sumptuous and will even soften sound to aid soothing sleep.

Blend with the Accent Color

Blend with the Accent Color

You needn’t hog with a new concept for a small bedroom; in fact, you needn’t even paint a wall to bring in an accent shade. Adding Accent Color that is bold or vivid through art or an accent chair or tabletop can emphasize, contrast & even create rhythm in the room.

Furniture Details

Your bed defines your bedroom. Let’s work on that! Attain a roomier look by choosing a platform bed. Since its low, it looks sleek, laid back, and discreet in comparison to the bulky ones. Also, choose a bed that has a great storage solution that allows for hidden, under bed storing. The option with drawers underneath for more storage can help when you lack closet space.


Add lighting to extruded feature wall designs. A simple addition of a patterned throw and chrome bedside lamps transforms the room with oodles of more impact. Even otherwise, using different patterned lights like geometric lights or white fixtures, lamps, hanging bulbs, sparkling strings, hidden lights, box lights, all work on the favor of small rooms look more gloomy and garner more attention.


All fashionistas will love glass closets, Get the sliders on for the closets due to space constraints. You can either have a glass or mirrored sliders but make sure to keep your closets clean and clothes well-placed in hangers if you opt for glass ones!

Furniture Placement

Since the room is small, every furniture item must be tucked against the wall. Place your bed against the wall with no space behind as it will maximize the floor space. Before you are out of the room, make sure you place all of the other furniture items at one side to give the room a cleaner look.

So, which small bedroom style did you like the best? Confused, in picking just one of these fantastic ideas? I don’t blame you; they all will work well without disturbing your finances. However, yes, you could always pick the start with the most convenient one.

Make sure when you make the most of a small bedroom or need to decorate your compact bedroom apartment, be sure your idea revolves around to create visual interest without making space feel cluttered. The more it will be light, airy, and open, the more spacious it will look. All the suggestions given above can be used or implemented without any hassle. You need not spend loads of money every time to make a room beautiful.


Let us know what changes you picked for your small bedroom? We’d love to hear from you!

Please leave your experiences below so we can get some more suggestions for you.

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